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Message Board Launched

As of 9/3/05 we have a new message board.  It's a fully automated instant response system.  I may post really important news here but the message board is really a replacement for this page.

You can see what's going on right now at http://bhanberryfamilymessages.runboard.com

The board is organized into several fora.  These can change over time and suggestions are welcome. In fact, one of the topics is "Suggest A Forum"!  Probably the most important forum right now is simply called "Katrina".  It's a place to find out how every one is doing in the wake of the storm.  There is also a forum for general news and one just for idle chat.  The "Admin" forum is to get help or let me know of any problems with the board.

As before please follow a couple of easy rules...

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