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This is really for my father, William Frederic Hanberry (1903-1998).  He spent at over thirty years researching the Hanberry family genealogy.  I hope to include some of his work here.  I'm sorry he didn't have the tool of the World Wide Web to use.  On the other hand, he might have become so absorbed that we would not have had the pleasure of his company!

Here is a tale about James L. Hanberry a survivor of Dr. Walter Reed's yellow fever experiments during the Spanish-American War.

History and pictures of the Hanberry Holiness Church near Wallace, Alabama..

Line drawing of the old Hanberry home in Denmark, SC.

Genealogy Questions

Kathy King Belknap of Lexington, SC asks:
If anyone ever comes across information on the parents of John Hanberry (who married Eleanor Dowling in Barnwell Dist., South Carolina in the 1800s), or any family portraits that include either of them, please contact me. Thanks. jbelknap@sc.rr.com


I received this inquiry from Lillian Vogel-Suter, LillianV@AOL.com, of Jacksonville, FL.

Says Lillian: "I am the granddaughter of Julia Dement Swider whose mother was Elizabeth Hanberry from South Carolina. Does anybody know if Eliza was daughter of Henry? Eliza born Hamburg, SC about 1851 and married James Dement in Baltimore, MD in 1869. Any information on Henry Hanberry or Elizabeth would be appreciated. Who? What? When? Where?"

Thanks for asking.  Hopefully someone out there knows the answer.

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